Autumn is in the Air...Let's Paint!!!
October/November 2016

(outfit patterns sold separately, bear not included)


For your "Bearing All Seasons" Bear and Friends!
Indian, Pilgrim Girl, Pilgrim & Turkey


"Wood"robe and Woodolls (November set)

This fun collectable pattern packet (painting instructions) include instructions for the
Moose couple,
 Thanksgiving outfits, Cowboy outfits, and standing bases!
The complete wood kit is also available. There is a full year of different fun friends with four
outfits for every month! Mix and match them...the "wood"robe fits all!

New Thanksgiving pattern packet loaded with a feast of
projects for you to paint this season!

Welcome.....Home to the most irresistible
decorative painting projects ever.

#1 'Bearing All Seasons' Painting Instruction Book
#2 Bearing All Seasons, And Somebunny Too! Painting Instruction Book
#3 'What's a Bear to Wear?' Painting Instruction Book